Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Support Same-Sex Marriage

I am a believer. However, the issue of same-sex marriage is a personal one to me for several reasons. It's not so much that I am an ardent supporter of gay rights, it's that I see how people are being oppressed. I see how people are suffering, and I see the way in which christianity is being damaged because people are using the Bible to generate that oppression, and I believe Christ would be horrified by that.

1-You have no good reason to oppose it. 

I understand that Christians use the Bible as a moral guide, and that is totally fine. However, citing "because the Bible says..." is no more valid of a reason to legislate U.S. law than "because the Qu'ran says...." When we are deciding what is fair under the law, religious beliefs do not enter into the equation. Period. When pundits were giving arguments to the Supreme Court why DOMA should be upheld, not a single religious reason was mentioned because they knew the court would not, and could not, accept any reasons for supporting DOMA due to a religious belief.  Basing our laws on any religious belief is expressly forbidden by the Constitution. It is fine for you, as a christian, to believe homosexuality is wrong. But people are going to be homosexual whether or not they receive equal treatment under the law.

2-Because "What will happen if we allow this?" is also not a valid reason.

Dogs and humans will not be permitted to marry if same-sex marriage is allowed. Neither will children and adults be allowed to marry. The reason is because neither animals or children have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts under the law. Marriage is, and always will be, about mutually consenting adults entering into a contract to receive benefits from the government. The same benefits which are being denied to some because of their sexuality, also known as, discrimination.

Furthermore, saying we should not allow X because Y could happen is a logical fallacy known as "The Slippery Slope". You cannot base what is legal and right on some possible future scenario.  Possible future outcomes cannot be used to determine the morality of the issue at hand. Allowing same-sex marriage is either constitutional or its unconstitutional. What MIGHT happen as a result does not factor into the legality of it.

3-Because people are suffering as a result

In their recent DOMA decision, the Supreme Court listed about a dozen examples of how homosexuals are suffering real, actual harm as a result of not being allowed to marry their significant other under the law.

Did you know under HIPAA laws only family are allowed to be in the room with critical patients? There have been numerous reports of couples who have been together for numerous years who were not allowed to see their significant other in their last dying moments because they "were not married" or family.

Secondly, there have been many numerous instances where the unexpected death of a significant other has had their estate assets transferred to probate or to the deceased persons' parents who opposed the relationship. In short, a significant other never got a chance to receive legal assets that a married person would have no problem being entitled to.

We can cite a number of examples of how the suffering of people could be alleviated by allowing same-sex marriage. You can cite no examples of how you personally would suffer if same-sex marriage were legalized.

4-It's going to happen anyway.

The course of American history has gravitated, without fail, towards the inclusion of previously marginalized groups of people. And every time, the inclusion of the oppressed has been strongly opposed and history has judged the opposers as hateful, small-minded, bigots, fair or not.

Fifty years from now, same-sex marriage will be legal in every state. Your grandchildren will view your opposition to it in the same way you cringe when you hear your grandparents or great grandparents dropping the "N-word" or saying "colored people" without a second thought.

Don't be on the wrong side of history.

5-You are damaging the testimony of Christ

This is probably the most important reason for your consideration. I have heard christians screaming until they are blue in the face, that they are not hateful bigots. To be honest, I sincerely believe you. I understand that you hate the sin and not the sinner. But to reiterate, people will be gay whether you give them equal rights under the law or not. The fact of the matter is, people who are being oppressed and who are suffering as a result look at christians and say "these are the people denying my rights, I want none of what they are selling."

I know that it's probably an unfair label that they are applying to you. Regardless of whether its fair or not, it is how people are perceiving christians. Imagine how differently the world would see christians if they flocked to homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, and food banks the way that they have all flocked to oppose same-sex marriage. Do you think the world would have a different opinion of christianity then? Which do you think Christ would rather you do?

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